Helping bring awareness to the animals of the world

me holding a spotted turtle at an oshawa mall!


Hello again. I love spotted turtles. I made bookmarks and sold them to my classmates to raise money and I had a garage sale for them  too. I did all of this because of! I also love Earth Rangers. You can donate through the website to an endangered animal of your choice and earn buttons and medals. Well, anyhow I will blog about endangered animals and all animals with tips on how to help them. People are destroying the habitats of spotted turtles and they live  in the marshy areas of Ontario. I do not know where exactly because it has to stay secret so no one will try to poach the eggs of the spotted turtles. You can help them by donating to Earth Rangers.

Stay tuned for more Earth Rangers news1

P.S. Watch this video I made to learn more about the spotted turtle. You can also watch it on YouTube.



Comments on: "Spotted Turtles and How to Save them" (4)

  1. snow flack said:

    good job crazy manity girl

  2. snow flack said:

    this is the best place to get imformashon im ging to look at this ethry day and see what changed

  3. nikki roudgarnia said:

    hi Mady i’m Nikki and my name is not zohreh its roudgarnia zohreh is my mom’s name just in case you see my email and oh my gosh i have the same pink shirt with colored hearts and your a inspriation and btw sorry i don’t know how to write inspriation if it is wrong so keep up the great work : )

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