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A ladybug’s dinner

Aphids on milkweed. The black ones are the one that have been eaten.

If you don’t know what a ladybug is, it’s a tiny red or orange insect with black dots on its back. Ladybugs, also known as lady beetle or ladybird beetle have wings and the ability to fly.. There are over 5000 species of ladybugs.

So what do they eat?  Aphids which are  small, yellow insects that liv on milkweed.  Ever wanted to get rid of aphids?  Aphids are usually considered pests because they eat plants in gardens. That’s why some people are temptd to use pesticides but they are not he answer. They hurt the plant that the bug you’re spraying is on. If you have ladybugs on the plant they will eat the aphids for you. So be eco friendly and let the ladybugs do the work.

A ladybug eating aphids.



Monarch butterflies and milkweed

Ever seen a monarch butterfly?  Well, at any rate, these beautiful butterflies are also endangered because people are destroying milkweed. Monarchs need milkweed to reproduce. First a monarch would lay its eggs. Then the eggs would hatch and out would come baby caterpillars. Next the caterpillars would much on food until they are big and strong. Finally, they would make a chrysalis on a milkweed plant.. Monarch butterflies stay hanging on that tree for quite a while so it wouldn’t be very pleasant for them if someone chopped down the milkweed while they were developing into butterflies. Here is how you can help them:

1. Plant milkweed so the moms can lay their eggs there and the babies can grow there

2. DO NOT try to catch them and/or keep them as pets

3. Donate to which accepts donations to  help  the monarch butterfly.

4. Plant other butterfly attracting plants such as butterfly magnet and lavender in your garden. Monarchs and other butterfly’s feed  on them

5. DO NOT touch  monarch caterpillars, eggs, or butterflies

This is a monarch caterpillar on a milkweed leaf.

Well that is all you need to know. Stay tuned for new posts.