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Burrowing Badgers

Image by Ed Bierman

Image by Ed Bierman

One year ago, I had no idea what an American badger was, let alone that it was endangered. One year later, I’ve raised $1000 for Earth Rangers helping them. American badgers are small animals about the size of a small dog and are mostly white and grey, except for one black stripe that runs from the top of their nose to the tip of their tail. American badgers live in burrows that they dig in fields, their natural habitat.

American badgers are endangered for three reasons. One is habitat loss. Developers are destroying their fields and building houses on them. The second reason is roads. With all the roads that are being constructed, American badgers are forced to cross them to get to the other side and they can easily get run over by a passing car. The third reason is isolation. American badgers are being isolated from each other so they can’t mate and reproduce.

Last October, I signed up for Earth Rangers again. This year I decided to raise money for none other then our striped, furry friends. I told my family and friends not to give me gifts for my birthday or Christmas and to instead donate to my campaign. Later in the year, I made refrigerator magnets and sold them to my classmates at school. Then, I decided to have yard sale in my backyard and invited everyone I could. Finally last week, I sold my iPod and reached my original goal of $1000.

Despite their name, American badgers can be found across Canada as stated in their full name, American badgers of the Southern Norfolk Sand Plain, Ontario. You can learn more about American badgers and sign up for your own campaign at Earth Rangers.

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