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Popular Pandas

Da Mao at the Toronto zoo in his pen

Da Mao at the Toronto Zoo in his pen

The Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada, has some new visitors this year, giant pandas. The zoo received Er Shun and Da Mao March 25 and the exhibit opened May 15. Soon after the revealing of the pandas, the zoo attendance rocketed instantly. Pandas are smaller than a black bear, but bigger than a koala bear. They are all white except for their legs, shoulders, ears and eyes. Pandas eat almost nothing but bamboo shoots and leaves. In fact, they consume 15 per cent of their weight in bamboo in 12 hours every day. The rest of their time they spend sleeping.

Giant pandas are very shy, so they don’t like to venture into areas where there are humans. Developers continue logging and constructing further and further into the bamboo forests and the giant panda’s habitats are shrinking. With less territory, the giant pandas have a hard time finding enough bamboo to eat and might even starve. This is why giant pandas are so rare and their population is dropping so drastically. There are only an estimated 1000 pandas left in the wild. If you want to learn more about pandas, you go to National Geographic Kids


Manatee madness

Image from Tracy colson

Have you ever met a manatee? Manatees, also known as sea cows, are the gentle giants that roam warm waters around the world, though Florida is the most well known manatee spotting state. Manatees may seem great in population, but the manatee numbers are rapidly declining. What dangers do they face everyday? Don’t they try to run?  How can I help? These are just some of the questions I’m about to answer.

Manatees are slow-moving mammals, which makes it easy for them to be hit by a motorboat, or touched by unwanted visitors. Some resorts protect the manatees and forbid any kind of disturbing whatsoever. The guests are able to view the manatees in a way that keeps them safe and happy. Others, allow guests to harass the manatees. They think without the rules, there will be more guests. That way they will have plenty of paying, manatee loving, visitors.

As stated before, manatees are very gentle creatures, so when humans touch them, they don’t fight back. The resort owners take advantage of this disposition. If manatees fought back, people wouldn’t think about them as soft playthings. Unfortunately, manatees stick to their manner, and keep their gentle nature.

Manatees do try to run, but once again, they are very slow sea creatures. The way tour operators get to them is they surround the manatees. The manatees feel enclosed, trapped. The humans feel happy, and unaware how much they are stressing the poor animals. The manatees now have no way to escape the thoughtless humans.

In America, there are state and federal laws in place to help manatees. One is that motorboats cannot go in some waters, and they must slow down in other areas. The law also prohibits touching, harassing, disturbing, or poking. The state fine is $500, and the federal punishment is up to $100,000 and/or a year in jail. You can see that some people are really taking action to save our beloved sea cows.

Unfortunately, manatees are on the endangered species list.  The state of Florida has sanctuaries to protect manatees. These sanctuaries are places that are off-limits to human activity such as snorkeling, diving, boating, swimming or even fishing. Scientists also use these places to research manatees, and find out how to help them. The manatees are totally protected in these areas. I think it’s a great idea.

If you want to help the manatees, one way is to simply educate the people around you. You can tell them that manatees are endangered. You can tell them how they can help. Another way is to donate to or any other website that helps endangered animals. Every penny counts

So remember, manatees are being harmed, and others are making money off of it. I believe that manatees should be allowed to swim free in the open water.  Humans need to understand that manatees will be totally wiped out if they continue their harmful ways. Now that you know what is happening, be a manafriend and spread the word.

Monarch butterflies and milkweed

Ever seen a monarch butterfly?  Well, at any rate, these beautiful butterflies are also endangered because people are destroying milkweed. Monarchs need milkweed to reproduce. First a monarch would lay its eggs. Then the eggs would hatch and out would come baby caterpillars. Next the caterpillars would much on food until they are big and strong. Finally, they would make a chrysalis on a milkweed plant.. Monarch butterflies stay hanging on that tree for quite a while so it wouldn’t be very pleasant for them if someone chopped down the milkweed while they were developing into butterflies. Here is how you can help them:

1. Plant milkweed so the moms can lay their eggs there and the babies can grow there

2. DO NOT try to catch them and/or keep them as pets

3. Donate to which accepts donations to  help  the monarch butterfly.

4. Plant other butterfly attracting plants such as butterfly magnet and lavender in your garden. Monarchs and other butterfly’s feed  on them

5. DO NOT touch  monarch caterpillars, eggs, or butterflies

This is a monarch caterpillar on a milkweed leaf.

Well that is all you need to know. Stay tuned for new posts.



Spotted Turtles and How to Save them

me holding a spotted turtle at an oshawa mall!


Hello again. I love spotted turtles. I made bookmarks and sold them to my classmates to raise money and I had a garage sale for them  too. I did all of this because of! I also love Earth Rangers. You can donate through the website to an endangered animal of your choice and earn buttons and medals. Well, anyhow I will blog about endangered animals and all animals with tips on how to help them. People are destroying the habitats of spotted turtles and they live  in the marshy areas of Ontario. I do not know where exactly because it has to stay secret so no one will try to poach the eggs of the spotted turtles. You can help them by donating to Earth Rangers.

Stay tuned for more Earth Rangers news1

P.S. Watch this video I made to learn more about the spotted turtle. You can also watch it on YouTube.